Weathering the Storm – COVID-19 C-Suite Survey

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STS surveyed senior executives to gain insight into their experiences and perspectives leading their organizations through the early stages of the COVID-19 crisis. Participating leaders represented a wide variety of industries including financial services, energy/utilities, healthcare,
transportation, manufacturing, consumer products, and professional services. Learn what these executives had to say on the following topics:

  • Adjusting to aspects of the COVID-19 crisis: perceived business stability/viability, virtual teaming,
    work from home, etc.
  • Supporting teams and organizations through the crisis to maintain engagement and effectiveness
  • Positioning teams and organizations to maintain profitability/viability
  • Preparing teams and organizations for the future (Q3/Q4 and beyond)
  • What will be the biggest change to your organization’s business strategy brought by the “new normal”
    once this acute phase of the COVID-19 crisis has passed?
  • What will be the biggest change to your organization’s talent strategy brought by the “new normal”?
  • What current practices and traditions will you lean on even more heavily to lead your organization into the
    “new normal?”
  • What advice would you give other senior executives about: Leading their organization through the COVID-19 crisis? Preparing for what lies ahead in the “new normal?”

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