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Five Disciplines of Leaders® – Mobilizing Stakeholders: Align, Communicate & Engage

We use the Five Disciplines of Leaders® model in our consulting and coaching work to assess and develop leaders.

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Five Disciplines of Leaders® – Common Challenges to Creating a Credible Strategy

STS developed the Five Disciplines as a framework to help leaders define the work they need to do to lead …


Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Your Investors with Brian Caffarelli

“Earn credibility, demonstrate reliability, create an environment of professional intimacy, and manage out your self-orientation. If you can focus on …

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Five Disciplines of Leaders® – Essential Actions for Effective Leadership

Leaders get results not by accident, but by design. The Five Disciplines of Leaders® framework provides a simple yet powerful …


Ben Fearing and Brian Juncker join Evergreen Results “Built for Impact” podcast

Our Managing Partners, Ben Fearing and Brian Juncker, joined Evergreen Result’s Built for Impact podcast to talk about the challenges …

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The Value of Successful Executive Onboarding and Integration

As our workplaces have shifted and evolved in recent years, so too have companies’ initial onboarding processes. Today, organizations around …

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Weathering the Storm – COVID-19 C-Suite Survey

STS surveyed senior executives to gain insight into their experiences and perspectives leading their organizations through the early stages of …


STS forms strategic partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA)

STS has formed a strategic partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA) to develop a Physician Leadership 360 program focused …

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