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Connie Lincoln

Senior Consultant

Connie Lincoln is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience as a leadership coach, organizational development consultant, and training professional with clients representing the utility, manufacturing, service, health care, construction, agriculture, and energy industries. For the last 24+ years, her consulting business has specialized in the utility and nuclear power industries where she has successfully implemented culture change efforts at over 30 power stations across the US. She has a proven track record in assessing, designing, and implementing changes that lead to improved organizational performance.

Her nuclear experience has included conducting senior team alignment and strategy sessions at plants within SCE, DTE, PG&E, STP, Exelon, PPL, FENOC, Entergy, PSE&G, Duke, and Southern fleets. Other nuclear assignments have included participating in NRC mandated Safety Culture Assessments; several root cause teams on various OE issues; mid-cycle INPO assessments; SCWE and organizational effectiveness assessments with individual work groups; and safety culture and SCWE organizational assessments.

An experienced utility executive coach, Connie brings wisdom and excellent relationship building skills to her work. Prior to her consulting career, Connie specialized in training and development in the healthcare setting. She earned her Master’s degree in Education and Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Toledo in Ohio where she is based.

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