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Jennifer Nack

Director, Financial & Firm Services

Jennifer joined STS in 2009 and currently serves as the Director of Financial & Firm Services as part of the Leadership Team. Her responsibilities include managing all aspects of the firm’s financial reporting, maintaining account receivables and payables, and ensuring overall administrative operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Jennifer is also responsible for contract processing, overseeing the submission of proposals and assisting in meeting client service needs.  She is also involved with the development of the STS website and other marketing initiatives.

Prior to joining the firm, Jennifer was a Senior Marketing Associate within the American Girl catalogue division and has also served as the Director of Public Relations for Baum Realty Group. Her business administration background includes working for PwC, as well as serving as the financial manager for a leadership consulting firm, a publishing firm and as the business manager for a psychology practice.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in English.

Born and raised in Chicago, with a brief stint in Madison, WI, Jennifer is proud to call this city her home. She now lives in Hyde Park with her very large Labrador Retriever and reminds her child, who now lives in Portland, OR how great the city by the lake really is.

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