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Michele Stowe

Senior Consultant

For more than 20 years, Michele Stowe has built a career around her passion: leadership development. Michele helps individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations create and experience authentic change that empowers them to produce significant and sustainable professional results.


Michele has held executive positions at Fortune 100 companies for almost two decades, in industries ranging from real estate to pharmaceuticals, and served as Chief Operating Officer of Mercy Housing, one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations. In that role she managed over 150 employees in areas ranging from strategic planning to philanthropy, human resources, information technology, and marketing.


Her experiences helping people grow as leaders, the perspective gained from a multinational career, and the learnings from her diverse positions stoked a professional philosophy that caught fire at Mercy Housing. She created a comprehensive talent management program for the organization that structured everything – from onboarding to succession planning – around the organization’s core values.


The fires have burned even higher since Michele has partnered with STS. During her career as an executive coach and consultant, she has led more than 50 clients through a dynamic and thought-provoking process to achieve their leadership development goals. She incorporates research-based approaches that foster creativity and self-discovery. In the end, Michele taps into a client’s resourcefulness to help them unearth potential solutions and find a path forward. To keep them on track, she challenges clients by voicing the tough questions that need to be asked.


Michele earned a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and German at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is certified by the International Coaching Federation and is also a licensed Hogan Assessment practitioner. Outside of her work, Michele hikes, skis, and coaches a dragon boat team. 

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