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Michele Stowe

Senior Consultant

For over 20 years, Michele has been guiding individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations toward the creation of authentic, equitable, fulfilling change to produce real, sustainable, proven results.

Following an executive career at Fortune 100 companies that spanned almost two decades, in industries ranging from real estate to pharmaceuticals, she executed a professional pivot into the nonprofit sector, and became Chief Operating Officer of Mercy Housing.

One of many achievements, Michele created a comprehensive talent management program for the organization that structured everything from onboarding to succession planning and was all wrapped around the organization’s core values.

After moving on from Mercy Housing, Michele turned her focus to providing executive coaching and consulting services that lead clients through a dynamic and thought-provoking process to achieve their goals. Drawing from her own C-Suite experience and incorporating research-based approaches that foster creativity and self-discovery, Michele is able to tap into the client’s own resourcefulness to help them unearth potential solutions, determine a path towards the future, and hold them responsible and accountable.

Born in the US and raised in Germany, where she also lived and worked for many years, Michele graduated from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and earned her Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology at Columbia University.

A proud comic book nerd — a medium she cleverly uses as one of her professional methods — Michele hikes, skis, works and lives in Colorado with her family.

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