Informed Consent

I herby agree to participate in the Strategic Talent Solutions, LLC (“STS”) assessment and verify to STS and my current or potential employer that:

  1. STS’s assessment has been explained to me. I understand that participation in the STS assessment is voluntary.
  2. I understand that assessment results will be interpreted according to the requirements of the job in question, or future jobs that are relevant to the assessment. My age, gender, race, or any other protected category has no bearing on the interpretation of the assessment.
  3. If at any time during my participation I do not wish to continue with the assessment, I will stop and notify STS and my current or potential employer immediately.
  4. If I need an accommodation to complete the assessment, I will immediately notify STS.
  5. With respect to selection assessments, I acknowledge and agree to the following:
    • Assessment results alone do not determine selection decisions; they only provide information to be used by my current or potential employer to inform a decision, along with a candidate’s skills, experience, reference checks, etc.
    • Selection decisions are made solely by my current or potential employer, not by STS.
  6. I acknowledge and agree that STS makes no representations, promises, or warranties as to the outcome of the assessment and its use by my current or potential employer.
  7. The STS assessment report will remain with my current or potential employer. I understand that I will receive feedback regarding the results from the STS assessment, if I am an employee or if I am hired as an employee.
  8. I waive any and all claims for loss or damage arising from or relating to my participation in the STS assessment, including without limitation any claims based on hiring or other decision taken with respect to me by my current or potential employer.
  9. If there is any dispute about or involving the STS Assessment, I agree that the dispute will be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois without regard to its conflict of law provisions. I agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and federal courts of the State of Illinois, Cook County. STS shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses from me if it prevails in whole or in part in any such action.

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